Contented:  adj: to be satisfied, to be at ease. Happiness.
Engage a skilled language artist to craft compelling and clear narratives and you get impact.
Yes. I weave experience and expertise into a beautiful tapestry to create copy that you are contented with.
 Simple. Clear. Meeting your brief. No fuss. Done.


It’s not just a name.

It’s a space within me that I’m moving towards.

It’s a place where I sincerely want you to be.


I am the sum of all my parts and more.
Moody poet.
Lover. Of words.
Wannabe painter.
Abandoned guitarist (I abandoned the guitar. Guitar is still seeking me).
T-t-t-t-traveller (whenever the bank account sputters and stutters into action).
Road-tripper.Volunteer. Neighbourhood activist.
And oh yes, passionate

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What I did

So what I did prior to becoming a solo-preneur was garnering experience.
22 years of working in corporate offices. 16 out of the 22 years has been spent on copy work.

Where? In:
Advertising, travel dot com, software apps start-up, MNCs , event management, BPOs.

In organizations such as Enterprise Nexus, Shubhyatra, Icode, Honeywell, George P Johnson, Symphony Services, Aviva and WNS.
Not bad for 16 years eh? That’s what I think too.

When I began

Mid-life bitch of an itch:

I got it. Decided to do something about it. I quit. (My cushy corporate life, that is).
In November of 2009 I got tagged: ‘Self employed freelance communications specialist’. Felt content-ed.

My promise to you:

I work with passion, integrity and commitment and deliver quality work. On time. I charge a price that is fair.

Time to get content-ed, don’t you think?

What I Craft

Craft copy. Draft copy. Edit copy. Without spellos. Without typos. (If there is one, the occasion is so rare you could mark it on your calendar).

Headlines. Tag-lines. Captions. Options. Long copy. Short copy. Web copy. EDM copy. Punchy copy. “Something different” copy. Brochure copy.
Lead generation emails copy. Snail mail copy. Linked In mailer copy. Teasers copy. Newsletter copy. Plain letters copy. Town Hall points copy.
CEO talking points copy. Magazine copy. E-zine copy. Leaflet copy. Lots of copy.
Copy that? To make it simpler, here’s a list.

Have a few questions on how to get content-ed? Punch in your copy to me at

You’d rather follow me? Tweet tweet @ #ContentMani. No stalking allowed. Or connect with me through FB.

Who's who of clients

  • Banks
  • Energy resource management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Medical Tourism
  • Hospitality
  • Women’s Lingerie
  • Wine coolers
  • Large format commercial paint applicators
  • Furniture
  • Telecom
  • Healthcare Applications
  • Infrastructure Solutions Providers
  • Real Estate
  • IT Service providers
  • Green solutions providers

Who I work with

I work with some pretty awesome online and offline design specialists who bring their passion, commitment and experience every day to work whatever the season. You can see some of their work here:

PurpleHaze Graphics PurpleHaze Graphics December Creatives Nlights Dot Me Nlights Dot Me

The list is a WIP. If you’d like to add to the list , just drop in a line –



Wander around. Have a dekko. And you have some queries, you know the drill.
Am available at


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